Mar 4th

Getting the Cut You Want with Curly Hair

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Q: I have a difficult time explaining to my stylist that my hair really shrinks up after I get it cut. The bottom of my hair hikes up and I feel like a bubble head. Why can’t I get a shape that feels longer and slenderizing to my face?
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Dec 12th

Holiday Season and Your Hair

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As long as I can remember, the holiday season has been tough on hair stylists and salon’s clients. It seems like there are always a few tears from clients because their hair did not turn out as they expected.
This is the time of year when people are more emotional, trying to cope with the stress of high expectations and demands they put on themselves. Out of town visitors are arriving or you may be the one who is flying to see relatives who live across the country. There are presents to buy and family gatherings to plan.
Perhaps there is an uncle who gets carried away with drinking and get his jollies from picking on a family member…or a critical mother who compares one daughter to another. Subtle comment such as, “you look like you put on a few pounds” or “your hair is too long, you should get a short, perky cut,” can be devastating to your self esteem.
 You say to yourself, “I have to look dazzling for the holidays!” You pick up the latest fashion magazine and thumb through the pages showing models looking like they are having fun at a party. Something inside of you says, “I want to look like her with a short and sassy haircut with lots of light blond streaks. You rip the photo out and take it to your stylist to ask, “can you make me look like this?”
 To make a long story short, you are in tears after you see your hair chopped off above your shoulders and the color much lighter than what you are used to. You hold back your tears and run out of the salon. This look is certainly not what you expected. Instead of looking pretty for the holidays your image turned out to be the complete opposite. You feel ugly and embarrassed. Sound familiar?
I’ve seen this scene happen too many times during many holiday seasons of owning a hair salon.
This is what I do before the holiday season every year:  I pass out a memo to all of our stylists with this message, “Do not make any drastic changes on anyone’s hair. Even if they beg for a style change.” Why? Because people tend to have unrealistic expectations and so much to live up to during this season.

Here are suggestions on how to look your personal best

Create excitement in your hair by styling with more volume or adding movement with curlers.
Add a color gloss to your hair to add richer tones and shine.
Add subtle texture to your hair with foil high lights or low lights.
Try a simple twist or up-do if your hair is long enough.
Make sure your color touch-up is fresh during this season.
Add a pretty clip to sweep back the sides of your hair.
Be gentle with yourself over the holiday season.
If you really want to make a dramatic change, wait until January.
I hope this is helpful.
Have a wonderful holiday season!
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Oct 15th

Ask the Hair Doctor: My Hair Color Came out Too Dark!

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151Q. I don’t know when it started. I got up one morning and noticed sprinkling of grey hair . I went to a salon and asked them to color my hair in the same dark brown as my own hair. They did. When I came home and looked in the mirror, my hair looked darker then my usual color. I felt like I had on a black wig. I called the salon and told them my hair color is too dark. They told me to come in and they can strip the dark pigments off. I am very nervous about having another color procedure all over my head. Is there a solution to this mess?  Thanks, Andrea
A. Dear Andrea, When a color is stripped off, your hair may be left with uneven color shades which are unattractive, showing reddish tints which you may not like. I believe this can be corrected with a simple procedure of highlighting your hair in fine strands. Your color should be lifted to two shades lighter than what is on your hair. When your hair is dried after the procedure, you will hardly notice the highlighted strands. Instead, your hair will look a shade or two lighter. The result is less harsh on your hair and will give a glow of a softer color. Good luck with getting your hair color back to a flattering shade.
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Oct 10th

Ask the Hair Doctor

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Hello do you know what kind of hair treatment or product is good for growing hair longer and thicker?
Hello Quontina,
There is no magic bullet for growing thick hair.
We inherit hair genes from our ancestors and we have to do the best we can to take care of the hair we were born with.
We can weaken our hair by putting it through abuse. Example: swimming in chlorine based water, exposure to sun, over-coloring or bleaching, or using harsh thermal irons when we style our hair.
What will help weakened hair is to use good professional products which is appropriate for your hair type and use products which has a protein content to strengthen your hair.
I hope this helps.
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Sep 2nd

Pet-Pal Contest Winners

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Rainier, Winner of Studio 904 Pet Pal Contest

First Place: Rainier and Roxanne Springwater – Prize: $50
Roxanne Springwater’s Golden Retriever, Rainier, has a special trick. Rainier knows how to “hug!” Whenever Roxanne asks, Rainier gently leans in and puts her head on Roxanne’s shoulders. Too cute.



Happy Dog with Carol JandaSecond Place: Happy and Carol Janda – Prize $40.
This is “Happy Dog” and he has the perfect name. Not only does he help keep Carol Janda healthy with daily walks, he is super smart, calm, and friendly. Plus, everyone smiles when they see him and hear his name.



Boris the Cat/DogThird Place: Boris and Bonnie Marsh – $30.
Meet Boris, a cuddly lap dog trapped inside a cat’s body. In this photo he snuggled into a flower pot to be closer to the people and part of the conversation.



Thank you for entering our contest and to everyone who took the time to vote. All the pets were darling!
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