Helping Pasado’s Safe Haven

Thank you to our clients and the community. You helped us again! We finished our sixth annual Pasado’s Safe Haven and Friends fundraising month in November of 2014. We had exciting raffle gifts and hand-made items for sale. By the end of the month, they were sold out. Here is a letter from Laura Henderson, CEO of Pasado’s Safe Haven.

Laura Henderson, CEO of Pasados Safe Haven
Laura Henderson, CEO of Pasados Safe Haven

Dear Friends of Studio 904,
Every year, Kay Hirai, the wonderful owner of Studio 904, collaborates with her amazing clients and friends (all of you!) to raise money to help the animals of Pasado’s Safe Haven.

This year you raised $4,000 for Pasados, Precious Life Sanctuary and Ginger’s Pet Rescue. This is truly incredible and allows us to continue all of our work to end animal cruelty.  Read more here about the impact that your donations helped make possible this year!

I am so grateful to Kay, Studio 904, and all of you for caring about the animals and making a real difference in their lives.
I wish you all a wonderful holiday and a very happy new year!

For the animals,
Laura Henderson
Executive Director, Pasado’s Safe Haven