July News from Studio 904

Summer has arrived and it’s time to have fun!
We love the sun but when it comes to summer weather, we don’t take it lightly. Summer weather is harsh on our hair, causing dry and damaged locks.  To keep your hair looking healthy here are some tips from our stylists to make sure your hair doesn’t lose its shine this summer.

Linda: If you go for a hike or a long walk, cover your head with a hat. You love your hair color but it fades in any direct exposure to the sun. Wearing any cover will protect your hair from the sun’s harmful rays. The most fragile part of your hair is the ends. Keep them covered because they are porous and will soak the sun’s ultra rays easily.

Jackie: – Simplify your hairstyle – Carefree, simple, and well-cut styles give great looks and comfort during warm summer days. Hair must be well-cut to give a solid foundation that holds the shape in, allowing it to look good whether it’s wet or dry.
Hang: Is your hair colored or highlighted? It helps to use a good shampoo and conditioner made to preserve your hair color. Our favorite products for colored hair are Aveda’s Color Care Shampoo and conditioner.
Maria: Treat your hair to deep conditioning moisture treatments during summer months to rehydrate your hair. Please ask your stylist what treatment would be the best for your type of hair.
Kay: Give your hair a break from heated tools such as iron and curling wands.
Velcro Rollers that require no heat will give your hair lift at the roots plus gentle on your hair. 

Kaoru Nukui

Thank you to Kaoru for taking care of Studio 904’s operations and finances.

We are so appreciative to have survived under your impeccable attention to our Operations and Finances.

You kept us alive and surviving throughout the highs and lows of the past 25 years.

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