Appreciating the Warmth of November

At Studio 904 Hair Design, we are looking forward to entering a holiday season that is filled with appreciation for one another. It all begins when the front door opens in the morning and our early-bird customers come bouncing in, ready to get their haircuts, colors, or foils and are greeted with, “Hello! How are you? Nice to see you again!” Cheery banter quickly fills our design floor.

The hustle of formulating and measuring colors, cutting foil sheets for the weaving services, and folding towels for our shampoos is happening behind the scenes in our dispensary room. At the same time, our energetic and hard-working team kicks into high gear with words of encouragement and support for each other, “Can I help you?” “Do you need more foils cut?” “Would you like me to team with you today?” 

We often think back and reflect on the past year and a half when it was often so quiet that we could hear a pin drop on the floor. Because of the encouraging support that we received from clients like you, we were able to persevere and keep our doors open. With appointments quickly being scheduled for the upcoming holidays, you are helping to put our business back on the path to normalcy. For that, we are grateful.  

If you haven’t been to Studio 904 lately, please stop by this month and see our hand-made holiday decorations and our gift store that is filled with unique, little treasures of art!

JOIN US…Our 14th Annual Fund Drive for “Angels for the Animals”

As we head out of this pandemic, we have a chance to do something positive that is filled with love and kindness. We are now kicking off our 14th Annual “Angels for the Animals” fund drive for November and December. You may have heard, Ginger Luke, Founder and CEO of Ginger’s Pet Rescue, passed after her long battle fighting cancer.

“It’s all about timing. It’s all about a miracle. It’s all about getting a second chance at life.” -Ginger Luke-

Ginger’s work will be continued by Sian Davies. Sian is a longtime animal activist who founded Animal Rescue Korea to save dogs from the dog meat trade in South Korea. Sian started partnering with Ginger five years ago to save dogs. Two years ago, Sian came to Seattle to spend time with Ginger and sadly learned that she was diagnosed with cancer. Ginger asked her to continue her rescue, so Sian has relocated permanently to Seattle and will continue Ginger’s Pet Rescue and her legacy. 

In deepest sympathy, appreciation, and celebration of Ginger’s life’s work in rescuing animals, this year’s entire proceeds will be donated to Ginger’s Pet Rescue.

We hope that you will become an Angel for the Animals by visiting Studio 904 Hair Design and purchase tickets for our raffle table or pick-up little hand-made treasures for your holiday giving. Donations in any amount will be appreciated.

When Booking Your Appointment and Visiting Studio 904

Please schedule your appointment as early as possible. Simply call 206-232-3393. While we are working with a small, well-seasoned staff, this will help ensure that you get the best time slot that works with your schedule.

We ask that you please wear your mask during your entire visit in our salon.

A private styling room is available upon request. If you would like services provided in our private room, please point that out to us when you schedule your appointment.

In closing, we want you to know how much we appreciate your loyalty to our salon. You make us happy and we want to send you a BIG THANK YOU!