April News

Hello Friends, checking in to see how you are doing. I hope the coming of longer days and sunlight is helping you to feel refreshed and hopeful about our future. This early morning, as we look out the window of our salon front, we see birds fluttering amongst the tree branches and a man taking his dog for his morning walk. We appreciate the joy of watching these simple things and realize how precious everything and every minute in life is.

Self-Care Treat for Your Hair

Spring is a good time to refresh your hair into a softer, open look. The heavy weighty hair from the winter months can definitely make you feel like it doesn’t fit with the lighter fabrics of your spring wardrobe. The technique we use to open up your hair is called layering. We have many layering techniques that can be applied to various different textures of hair. Ask us what would be right for your hair.

Here is a beautiful make-over our stylist Hang did on a client.

Ukraine Animals of War Rescue Program

Please join us in the rescue efforts of animals in Ukraine. We will be selling beautiful hand-made Japanese Peace Crains in our salon from April 14. You can help us by purchasing these lovely peace cranes for only $10. – $15.

All proceeds from the sale of the bird ornaments will be donated to American Humane.

Peace Cranes are made of beautiful Japanese Yuzen printed papers. You can hang them in your window as a thoughtful reminder of hope and peace. They can be given as gifts to special people in your life.

Did Betty White support American Humane? Betty was a tireless and devoted animal welfare advocate who donated seven decades of her heart’s work to American Humane. Because of her powerful voice and the dedication of those who took part in the #BettyWhiteChallenge, her legacy of love will continue to touch the lives of all those with whom we share the Earth.Jan 27, 2022
Betty White: The Gift That Keeps on Giving – American Humane › blog › betty-white-the…

When Booking Your Appointment and Visiting Studio 904

Please schedule your appointment as early as possible. Simply call 206-232-3393. While we are working with a small, well-seasoned staff, this will help ensure that you get the best time slot that works with your schedule.

We ask that you please wear your mask during your entire visit in our salon.

A private styling room is available upon request. If you would like services provided in our private room, please point this out to us when you schedule your appointment.

In closing, we want you, our clients to know how much we appreciate your loyalty to our salon. You make us happy and we want to send you a BIG THANK YOU!