Ask the Hair Doctor: My Hair Color Came out Too Dark!


151Q. I don’t know when it started. I got up one morning and noticed sprinkling of grey hair . I went to a salon and asked them to color my hair in the same dark brown as my own hair. They did. When I came home and looked in the mirror, my hair looked darker then my usual color. I felt like I had on a black wig. I called the salon and told them my hair color is too dark. They told me to come in and they can strip the dark pigments off. I am very nervous about having another color procedure all over my head. Is there a solution to this mess? ¬†Thanks, Andrea
A. Dear Andrea, When a color is stripped off, your hair may be left with uneven color shades which are unattractive, showing reddish tints which you may not like. I believe this can be corrected with a simple procedure of highlighting your hair in fine strands. Your color should be lifted to two shades lighter than what is on your hair. When your hair is dried after the procedure, you will hardly notice the highlighted strands. Instead, your hair will look a shade or two lighter. The result is less harsh on your hair and will give a glow of a softer color. Good luck with getting your hair color back to a flattering shade.