Celebrating August

Dear Valued Client,

We are so happy to announce our anniversary this month. And this isnt just any anniversary… Studio 904 is celebrating 30 years in business on Mercer Island!

Studio 904 has weathered many storms over those 30 years. I cannot tell you how much we always appreciate the sunny days that follow AND the loyal customers who stick with us every step of the way. In addition, who would have ever thought that this small, privately-owned hair salon could have survived such a devastating year of dealing with COVID in 2020?!

Some of you have been asking, “So, how are you really doing?” The truthful answer to that question is that while we cannot know what the future holds, we simply just enjoy and appreciate every day. For now, we are here to create a beautiful transformation for our clients and do our best to make customers happy.

Here’s why I believe Studio 904 is still standing despite these troubled times:

Our Customers: YOU have been the strength of our business. THANK YOU!

Our Staff: Did you know that every team member has been with our company for 14 years or longer?

Our Business Philosophy: We believe in inclusion, teamwork, life-long learning, and community service.

Our Team thanks you and is here to serve you!

Thank you again. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Warmest regards,

Kay Hirai, Founder and Owner of Studio 904 for 30 Years!

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When Booking Your Appointment & Visiting Studio 904

Please schedule your appointments as early as possible. Simply BOOK ONLINE or call 206-232-3393. While we are working with a small, well-seasoned staff, this will help make sure you get the best time slot that works with your schedule.

We ask that you please wear your mask when you enter our salon.

We are still offering a private styling room upon request. If you would like to be serviced in our private room, please be specific and ask when you schedule your appointment.