At Studio 904, we believe that powerful collective energy emerges when we connect and work toward a common goal of helping those in need. In this season of giving, our December word of the month is COMPASSION.

Angels for the Animals, 2019

Thirteen years ago, we decided to make November and December a time to remember animals who were going through abuse by human hands. With generous help from our clients, we have succeeded in donating tens of thousands of dollars to four animal rescue organizations in our state: Pasado’s Safe Haven, Ginger’s Pet Rescue, The Old Dog Haven, and Precious Life Animal Sanctuary. THANK YOU!

This year, help us continue this compassionate tradition, it’s fun and easy!

Here’s how:

  • Buy a raffle ticket to enter a drawing to win one of the wonderful gift items on the raffle table.
  • Visit our “Pop-Up” store and find wonderful hand-crafted gift items to purchase for your holiday gift-giving.

Watch the video: