February News ~ Giving from the Heart

Giving from the Heart
A Fundraising Campaign for Mercer Island Youth and Family Services

There is still time to be a part of our Giving From the Heart fundraising tree. Come in and purchase your $5 heart and enter our raffle to win Studio 904 gift cards in the amounts of $100, $80, $60, $40 or $30. Please come help continue filling up this giving tree to support Mercer Island Youth and Family Services and our community.


Stress-Fix from Aveda

Less stress is only a breath away. Aveda’s Stress-Fix products have a proven stress-reducing aroma. Try one of these bath or body care products and see if your stress level goes down.



Top 3 Tips for Healthier Hair this Winter

It doesn’t matter if you have straight hair or curly hair, long or short hair, cold or freezing temperatures and indoor heating can wreak havoc on all hair types and styles. Here are three easy things you can do to help tame those fly-away tresses during these cold months.
  1. Don’t overbrush your hair. That’s right, leave it alone. Too much brushing creates static energy and can also break brittle hair.
  2. Always use a conditioner after shampooing and focus on the ends of the hair.
  3. Use a moisturizing hair mask or deep conditionear at least once a month.