Finding the Perfect Salon: 7 Questions to Ask Yourself

A job that is a good fit for you is a place where you can happily grow, stay energized, and flourish to reach your full potential as a Hair Stylist. Because you are unique with your own personal traits, likes and dislikes, it is a wise idea to learn about yourself and what energizes you before you begin on this journey.

Here are seven questions to ask yourself. Your answers should help point you in the right direction.

  1. Do you enjoy working with a team or do you prefer to work independently?
  1. What type of people do you enjoy being around and/or working with?
  1. Do you work better under structure and guidance or do you like to call your own shots?
  1. How many miles are you willing to travel to get to work?
  1. Do you like a small and intimate work environment to do you prefer a larger workplace with lots of activity?
  1. How important is training to you? Do you feel like you have enough knowledge and skills to please clients?
  1. Do you like to go out and get clients through sales call or networking?

Getting Started: On the Internet:

Search online for salons in the area you are interested in.
Look closely at each salon’s website. Do you feel comfortable with the way that the salon is representing itself?
Think of your future. Does the salon offer advanced training? Are there other employee benefits?
Many applicants are hesitant to ask questions but in an interview, having questions ready shows the interviewer that you are well prepared and forward-thinking.
Does the salon have its mission statement on their website? Determine if you share the same philosophy.

Informational Interviews: Go for a Salon Visit:

What was your first impression? Did you get a good feeling when you called to set up the appointment?
Once you’ve arrived, try to scope out the work environment and get a feel for what kind of customer base the salon has (age group, income level, etc). How is the salon’s cleanliness?
Ask a lot of questions: pay scale, advancement opportunities, and vacation benefits for example. Make sure you understand everything thoroughly.
Ask if you can meet someone who works in the salon and ask him or her a few questions. How long have they worked in the salon? This is mostly to see if you get the feeling that you would enjoy working with them.
Find out what kind of support system the salon offers for new stylists.
This is a fact: 80% of new entrants into the cosmetology industry do not make it beyond two years. Your chances of longevity and success will depend on you going into it with your eyes open and clear goals that you want to achieve.
We wish you the best of luck!

Would you like to set up an informational interview at Studio 904 on Mercer Island? Please call Krystal at (206) 232-3393 to set up a time. Have other questions about working in the salon industry? Studio 904 founder and owner, Kay Hirai, would be happy to answer your questions and offer guidance as best she can. Please email Kay Hirai at [email protected]