Five Tips to Bring Sun-Damaged Hair Back to Life

Sunshine and the thinning ozone layer is extremely harsh on your hair. Even when the weather is cloudy, your hair can be a victim of Ultraviolet damage. It’s hard to believe, but just walking one block outside can fade your color and damage your hair’s ends! What to do about it?
Here are 5 tips to treat your hair with love and kindness to cultivate healthy and shiny hair again:
  1. When shampooing your hair, do not use hot water. Instead, use tepid to warm water that is comfortable to the touch. Make sure to massage your scalp to stimulate circulation.
  1. After showering, don’t scrub or pull your hair with a towel. To get extra moisture out, gently press the towel on your wet hair and hold patiently.
  1. Do not cause undue stress to your hair by raking through your wet hair with a fine-toothed comb. A wide, flat surfaced brush is best for smoothing out tangled hair layer at a time. We recommend the Flat Bristle brush by Aveda.
  1. Applying high heat to wet hair can cause the moisture in your hair to reach a boiling point. Can you imagine? It’s the same as putting your hair in boing water! Keep your blow dryer at a distance and on low heat then gently circulate the hair until most of the moisture has evaporated.
  1. Use heated tools such as flat irons or hot curling irons in moderation. Direct heat applied right onto the hair causes damage to the outermost cuticle layer (the one that keeps your hair from splitting). Instead, try velcro brush rollers to add volume to your hair. These rollers are not heated and will keep your hair in much better condition.