Happy May!

Are you enjoying the longer, brighter days of Spring?

We at Studio 904 feel so grateful that our doors are open and we are able to welcome in our wonderful clients who are in need of a long-overdue hair make-over. 

We have so much to feel grateful, optimistic, and thankful about. Most of all, we are proud of our team for surviving through these difficult months working and problem-solving for our business and our clients. We definitely have learned some survival skills!

 What Makes Us Happy?

  • You continue to support us as we begin the journey to re-build our business. No one has to tell us that we have the most loyal customers we can ever ask for. Thank You!

Here is a message we received from our customer, Kasha that lifted our spirits,

Dear Studio 904, 

I was thrilled with your latest email with pictures of Krystal, the studio, the cheerful decorations and everything we love so much about Studio 904.  After over a year of very strict isolation, I will be back in AT LAST the very day after the two week mark following my second dose of vaccine!  I especially appreciated the sentence about long COVID hair and finding new styles that are not short, but which seem to recognize that we are now different people. I am so excited that I will soon be back in.

Your bulletins and letters have been sustaining through this long, lonely time.  Having read about your history, I know how strong you are and your strength has encouraged me to stay positive and patient.  Thank you so much for having kept in touch.  You have been a guiding light.

Kindest regards, Kasha

Message from our Team: Our team has been working tirelessly to please our customers with haircuts, colors, and styles that are workable and suit their special needs during this time, where everyone needs a lift of having their hair back into perfect shape. Our combined skills (very high) gives us the edge to cut, style, and color every customer’s hair to their satisfaction.

  • Kay’s long-awaited rescue dog MoMo arrived from Korea on April 7th. In spite of her hard beginnings, she is a polite, sweet, and friendly dog who definitely appreciates the new start in life. When she visits Studio 904, she certainly wags her tail for anyone who says hello to her. She will happily accept a friendly pat on her head from our customers. Look at MoMo’s make-over. She looks just as good as you after your COVID Hair Make-over!

Watch this video of Kay drawing MoMo as how she sees her.