July News

Whether you’re going on vacation or relaxing in your back yard, we’re here to help you look your best. Call 206-232-3393 to make an appointment.

Get a Gloss Treatment with Your Favorite Summer Haircut

Gloss is a protein-based treatment that makes your hair look healthy and shiny, plus it protects your hair from the sun! You can choose a clear or a colored gloss with subtle shading

Elegant silver haired bob shiny hair
Aveda plant based lotion

Aveda Stress-Release Body Lotion

This summer, less stress is only a breath away. Massage away your stress in 3 minutes:

  1. Smooth Aveda Stress Release cream only your hands and forearms.
  2. Cup hands over your nose and take 3 deep breaths.
  3. Massage Stress Release body lotion anywhere you feel tension
  4. Repeat to yourself, “self-care is not selfish.”

Waxing: Refresh and Awaken your Face

Do you know what a difference it makes when you get your brows and the area above your lip waxed? Now is the time to take care of the details that will give your face a smooth and refreshed look. We offer a waxing package (brows + lip) for only $30 (or $17 for a single service).

woman having eyebrows waxed

Izumio Hydrogen Scalp Massage

We want to share with you the refreshing effects of pure water from Japan that is infused with health and beauty-enhancing hydrogen. It’s so good for your body, skin and scalp. Hydrogen Water Scalp Massage will cleanse impurities from your scalp, leaving it clean and refreshed. Only $10.