June News

Are you like us? We at Studio 904 are wondering how come it’s June already? How did we get here so soon? We realize that summer can be a busy season and it’s important to remember that we need to enjoy every day being with nature and close to people around us. Take this time out to pause and restore your creative direction. Focus on what is essential and satisfying for you so that you can ditch the steps of trying to do it all. Enjoy your summer season to its fullest. 

We are enjoying the beautiful foliages that our stylist Linda provides us with every summer.

“I want our clients to enjoy my first crop of Calla Lillies from my yard. They are so calming and peaceful,” said Linda.

Summer Haircut/Style Ideas from our staff

One thing you can do to simplify your summer schedule is to get a haircut and style that is easy to care for. Carefree and tousled means easy care haircut/style that looks great even without lots of styling. Here are two haircuts that are easy to care for. Ask your stylist for their recommendations for easy-care styles that are suitable for your facial features and hair type.

What about hair products for summer? Our favorite lightweight styling product is Phamolliant styling foam. They are great at keeping your hair casual but perfectly in place. Try it and see!

Sadako folded 1,400 peace cranes with her wish for world peace … to be able to live a life without the threat of nuclear weapons.

We want to thank you for supporting our Ukrainian animals’ rescue fundraiser. We hope you are enjoying Sadako’s Peace Cranes that were made by our fundraising volunteers and bought by you. Because of you, we raised $1,500. that we sent to the Amerian Humane animal organization (Betty White supported this organization throughout her life). The money will be sent directly to the European animal rescue organizations that are involved with rescue and care for the injured and displaced animals that are found in the aftermath of the Russian attacks. Thank you from the animals.