Magical Moments: Our Commitment to You

Creating Magical Moments
In our efforts to always be improving, Studio 904 has created a “Magical Moment” blueprint that outlines our sincere effort to always create memorable moments for our salon customers (and for one another because a supportive environment nourishes everyone)! Every one of the Team Members at Studio 904 is committed to these practices:

v i b e sWe commit ourselves to act and do things in a way that will create “Magical Moments” for ourselves, family, friends, and customers. We will…
– Create a colorful and joyful environment by keeping the salon clean and tastefully decorated.
– Play music that is pleasing to the ear.
– Look our best in hair, make-up, and the way we dress every day.
– Treat each other and our customers in a positive way by always being cheerful.
– Let our customers be the center of attention by respectfully listening to them and making them shine.
– Have an attitude of gratitude.
– Create magical moments for the others who need a helping hand in our community.
Give freely and give everyone more than they expect.
– Raise everyone’s self-esteem by giving honest and uplifting praise.
– Make every day a special day!
Whether it’s a little hand massage that you weren’t expecting, or a friendly hello from a stylist you haven’t met before, we hope that coming in to Studio 904 always feels welcoming and supportive. No matter what services you have scheduled, we want you to always leave looking and feeling beautiful, inside and out!