March News from Studio 904

Are you enjoying seeing the first bloom of flowers?

Are the sweet chirpings of the birds awakening your heart?

Is the warmth of the sun lifting your spirits?

At Studio 904, we are stepping into spring with an open mind and a hope for unity in our country and in the world. As the world is burning, we wish that there are things we can do to stop this madness. What we can do, is to take care of ourselves, our family, friends, and customers, and cherish the gift of freedom in our lives.

Bird for Peace

“When the world doesn’t make any sense, I sit down and make something I can share with others. I hope this painting will help lift your spirit and see that peace is possible”.

Bird for Peace – Painted by Kay Hirai

Daylight Savings Time begins on Sunday, March 13th!

Isn’t it amazing that as lightness increases in our days, our hair can seem out of control suddenly? 

No worries. All of us at Studio 904 know what it feels like for you to go through bad hair days. You just feel down and frumpy and don’t feel like you want to see anyone, right? Give us a call at 206-232-3393 to schedule your appointment. Even though we are operating with limited team members, we will do our best to get you in for your spring clean-up. We promise… You will feel so good after receiving a fresh color and a nice haircut from one of our experienced stylists. What are you waiting for? Call us now.

About masking…

We want to update you on what our plans are for masking at our salon. Both staff and management decided to continue to require masks at the studio, regardless of the changes coming with Washington State. So basically nothing is changing, and we will continue to require masking for staff and customers. Thanks for understanding, as we want to be able to keep everyone safe and healthy. 

Giving from the Heart fundraising campaign for MIYFS

You helped us to reach our goal of $700. to donate to MIYFS (Mercer Island Youth and Family Services).

Thank you for purchasing our raffle tickets and cheering us on to reach our goal for this worthwhile cause. Congratulations to the seven winners of the raffle prizes. We hope to see you in the salon in the near future with your gift certificates for hair services!