October News

Last week, a client who entered our salon to receive her haircut and color asked how we can stay looking so happy. She said, “I’m really having a difficult time trying to maintain a positive attitude listening to the ongoing news about Delta and the other variants, the negative impacts of climate change, and the suffering experienced around the world, it’s easy to start believing that there will be no end to all of this”. 

Here at Studio, we focus on two words, “Thank You”.  It’s only two words, but put them into action and see how they result in making people happy.

Here’s how we create happiness:
– We make an effort to create a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere by putting a smile on our face every time we greet someone who enters the salon. We call this our “THANK YOU” smile. When we smile and they smile back, we’re happy. 
– To show our appreciation to each one of our clients, we say “THANK YOU” for your trust and support in our business. When they reply “You’re more than welcome,” we’re happy.

– Whenever we can, we remember to say “THANK YOU” to each team member in our salon for being such a good team member. Each time they respond, “No problem. Hope you’re having a great day,” we’re happy. 

– Our clients always say “THANK YOU” for their haircut and style makeovers as they leave the salon. That comment ALWAYS makes us happy. 
You might think that saying “THANK YOU” is just a little thing, but it is important because it creates a feeling of happiness with each person you associate with. Try showing your appreciation by saying “THANK YOU” to everyone you come into contact with today. You will realize that everyone does something nice for you and deserve a word of appreciation from you.

Have You Noticed the Beautiful Clusters of Flowers in our Salon?

Here’s something you may not know about our stylist, Linda. She is a Martha Stewart of

Studio 904! We appreciate her great skills in hair coloring and cutting. But there is another side to Linda. She has a passion for growing beautiful flowers in her yard and sharing seasonal blooms with our salon and our clients. Thank you Linda for helping to beautify our salon. Thank you, Krystal, for crafting beautiful flower arrangements with Linda’s flowers. You both make us happy!

What Does Your Hair Need After a Hot Summer?

Have you noticed that your hair faded to a lighter color plus dryness causing brittleness to your hair? The thinning Ozone layer, the result of climate change, is definitely creating extensive sun damage to our hair. One way we can improve the feeling of damage is to apply protein gloss to your hair that results in supple and moisturized hair. Take a look at Nancy’s hair after she received a protein gloss in our salon. She loved how her hair looked and felt after the treatment. Next time you call our salon to schedule your appointment, ask to add on a gloss appointment.

Many of our clients have expressed how much they enjoy the hand-made Halloween decorations that are displayed in our salon.  Kay loves decorating the salon to fit the seasons and holidays throughout the year. Her reward is seeing how joyful people get when they see the whimsical ornaments swinging down from the salons mirrors. 

Kay has developed an online art workshop where she teaches you how to make Halloween skulls, ghosts, and whimsical bats. Come and join Kay on her video lessons as she guides you step-by-step through the simple art of making humorous Halloween ghosts, bats, and skulls ornaments. You can share your hand-made ornaments and cards with others as gifts or decorate your own home to create a magical Halloween season. Only $35.

Register here and you will get instant access to the classroom and course. Make your ornaments in the comfort of your own home on your own time. You will have access to the Halloween Trio course for 30 days from the date of your purchase. Any questions? Send an email to Kay at [email protected]