Pet-Pal Contest Winners

Rainier, Winner of Studio 904 Pet Pal Contest

First Place: Rainier and Roxanne Springwater – Prize: $50
Roxanne Springwater’s Golden Retriever, Rainier, has a special trick. Rainier knows how to “hug!” Whenever Roxanne asks, Rainier gently leans in and puts her head on Roxanne’s shoulders. Too cute.



Happy Dog with Carol JandaSecond Place: Happy and Carol Janda – Prize $40.
This is “Happy Dog” and he has the perfect name. Not only does he help keep Carol Janda healthy with daily walks, he is super smart, calm, and friendly. Plus, everyone smiles when they see him and hear his name.



Boris the Cat/DogThird Place: Boris and Bonnie Marsh – $30.
Meet Boris, a cuddly lap dog trapped inside a cat’s body. In this photo he snuggled into a flower pot to be closer to the people and part of the conversation.



Thank you forĀ entering our contest and to everyone who took the time to vote. All the pets were darling!