September News from Studio 904

It happened just last night.

Air felt a little crisper, that ever-so-subtle shift in nature that says, “Yes, it’s hot right now, but autumn is coming… soon.” There’s something about September that makes us want to slow down, take deep breaths, watch the leaves change color, enjoy the cool breeze on warm days and find time to slow down and catch our breaths.  Yes, Autumn is a nice time of the year

We asked two of our clients this question, “What was memorable about this summer to you?” Here’s what they said.

Melanie Fink

We spent our summer eating together outside with our family and friends. It felt good that we spent time with a small group of friends that we like and trust. Keeping things simple and easy was our goal. I also gave my business to people I love and trust. That’s why I’ve been a long-time client of Studio 904!

Callie Ridolfi

I crafted a wonderful garden and planted flowers and vegetation that were friendly and inviting to animals and birds. I went out to my garden with a cup of tea, sat on the bench, and visited with squirrels, bunnies, bees, birds, butterflies, and yes, a beautiful deer too! I will miss seeing them, but they will be back again next summer.

We are sending Zita back to school with a great haircut, style, and color!

I had a complete color correction. It’s a big improvement from how my hairstyle and color looked. I have more confidence in myself as I enter my 10th-grade class. Yea … I love, love it. Thank you to Maria for taking such good care of me.

Introducing the Nutriplenish line from Aveda

Nutriplenish Line from Aveda

Do you want to replenish the hydration in your hair? Why not explore the Nutriplenish collection to add moisture to your summer-damaged hair? Aveda’s intensely hydrating, replenishing collection formulated with Omega-5-rich organic pomegranate oil will nourish, replenish, and add moisture to your hair.

When Booking Your Appointment and Visiting Studio 904

Please schedule your appointment as early as possible. Simply call 206-232-3393. While we are working with a small, well-seasoned staff, this will help ensure that you get the best time slot that works with your schedule.

We ask that you please wear your mask during your entire visit in our salon.

A private styling room is available upon request. If you would like to reserve this room, please point that out when you schedule your appointment.

In closing, we want you to know how much we appreciate your loyalty to our salon.

We send you a BIG THANK YOU!