September News

A Message from Kay Hirai

What a summer this has been! Hopefully, your summer has been just as busy and eventful as ours. In a positive way, of course. I am sure that many of you are still wondering if living in limbo is the new “normal” as we are all trying to gain a foothold on what is yet to come.

For those of you who may have been wondering, I am happy to report that Studio 904 is still operating at 70% of our normal business. I have been talking with other business owners and we all seem to be in the same boat. We need to quickly scale up our businesses to catch up with the rising costs of operating them, but how do we exactly go about doing that? 

In spite of the ongoing news about Delta and the other variants, the impacts of climate change, and the suffering experienced around the world, we are not going to let this negative energy drag us down. How are we doing this? By making a constant effort to create a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere in our salon. Every day, we show our appreciation to each one of our clients and all of our stylists by always remembering to say a simple “Thank You” for trusting and believing in us. It is a little thing, but we think it is the most important thing. 

Studio 904 Works Hard to Give Every Customer a Great Experience

We know that our salon is a happy place because even after 30 years of being in business on Mercer Island, our team continues to LOVE giving our customers new and updated haircuts and styles during their visits. From the beginning, we learned that the personal transformations we create for our clients play a big part in making them happy. How do we know that? When we see our clients bounce out of the salon with their shiny, well-shaped makeovers and big smiles on their faces, we know we’ve done our job. Those moments are the reason we have enjoyed doing this for so many years and why we are committed to providing these services to our clients even during these trying times.

Here’s a funny story… 

One of our stylists, Maria, is a petite woman. In the past, whenever she foil-weaved a client’s hair, she had a difficult time completing the top section of the head. So, how did she handle this obstacle? Maria found a simple stool to stand on! When a client questioned Krystal, our salon manager, by asking, “How is Maria going to be able to do a good job on my foil weaves when she has to stand on a stool?” Krystal answered, “You are lucky that Maria is doing your foil service. She is so good and precise that she will make your foils look like they are growing right out of your scalp.” Krystal was right. After Maria finished the foil weave service, the customer loved her beautifully foiled hair and exclaimed, “I feel gorgeous! Is this really me?”

When Booking Your Appointment and Visiting Studio 904

Please schedule your appointment as early as possible. Simply call 206-232-3393. While we are working with a small, well-seasoned staff, this will help ensure you get the best time slot that works with your schedule.

We ask that you please wear your mask during your entire visit in our salon.

A private styling room is available upon request. If you would like your services provided in our private room, please point this out to us when you schedule your appointment.

In closing, we want you, our clients, to know how much we appreciate your loyalty to our salon. You make us happy and we want to send a BIG shout out “THANK YOU!”