Spring Styles are Popping Up Everywhere!

Spring is a time of renewal and rejuveation. Why not do the same for your hair? Call (206) 232-3393 to schedule your spring hair makeover today.

We Love to Celebrate!

It’s especially fun to honor a long-time employee like Krystal who has been with Studio 904 13 years! And Antuan is off to a fabulous start with 3 years under his belt. Congratulations to you both – we are so lucky to have you!


Supporting Up & Coming Stylists

Studio 904 is committed to helping young stylists get off to a good start. After attending their graduation we followed up with a training named “The Truth About Your Career.” Students were great. Evergreen is a well managed school with a strong mission and we’re proud to support this school.


Ole and Jacques — Remember the Donkeys We Sponsored?

We are happy to share that Ole and Jacques are enjoying their lives at the Pasado’s Safe Haven…a far cry from their past of neglect and abuse. They have many friends inside their gated premises and enjoy being social with the other animals. They are appreciative of the care the staff provides and most of all, being fed their favorite foods such as heads of romain lettuce and carrots. Our team can hardly wait visit them in the early summer. So rewarding to see them progress in their health and happiness. We’d love to have you come for a visit with Ole and Jacque with us.

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